Friday, May 22, 2009

Summer Party Themes.

For all of us on the northern east coast [Yay - New York!] the weather finally warmed up, the pollen count is down... so we have the prime setting for an outdoor party or bbq. I hosted two bbq's already and decided that my third is going to have a theme to it.

Theme parties are so much... better! I prepared a little list of outdoor friendly themes:

For the day time:
- Luau - Hawaiian shirts, coconut cups for tropical drinks, very vibrant colors.
- Tea Party - big brimmed hats, flavored iced teas and lemonades, light snacks, pastel colors.

For the evening:
- 007 Bond - fabulous martinis, intricate hoers d'oeuvres, poker tables, rich colors.
- Color Theme - pick a color, any color.
- Vicars & Tarts - a fun fave import.
- Woodstock - hippies, kegs, tye-dye everything, bonfire, classic vinyl music.

Enjoy! :)

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