Thursday, November 5, 2009

Glitter Shoes - Step by Step.

Glitter shoes are a show stopping accessory but hard to find or very expensive. This is a do-it-your-self option that is very easy. You will need:
- one pair of inexpensive shoes of your preference
- glitter in the color of your shoes
- glitter glue matching the color of the glitter
- spray paint matching the color of the glitter
- paper cement
- spray on glue clear dry

I bought a pair of heeled mary-janes in black, my desired look was silver, hence the spray paint. I used KRYLON premium in chrome silver.

First stuff the shoes with newspaper so that you don't spray paint the inside of the shoes.

If the spray paint runs a bit, it's ok, it will all be covered with glitter anyway.

Hold the spray can about 12 inches away from the shoe and with even motion spray both shoes. Let air dry for about an hour.

If you found shoes that are same color as your glitter,
you can skip this step.

I did not like the strap, so I cut it off using an Excel knife. The knife sliced right trough the straps so there is a clean cut and you can not even tell they ever there.

Now for the fun part. Apply the glue in small sections and heavily sprinkle the glitter, then press it down carefully. Do so until the whole shoe is covered in glitter. Any small "holes" can be covered up with the glitter glue. Repeat with the other shoe and let dry for about an hour.

After the glue has completely settled and dried, spray clear drying glue all over the shoe where you glittered. Use masking tape to hide any areas that you did not glitter and don't forget to stuff both shoes with newspaper again. Tah-dah!!! Glitz and glamour all on your own!


  1. This is very cool, I just saw them.
    We'll see how they shine up the dance floor next week!

  2. Love the shoes, had no idea one could do it yourself!, great