Friday, April 30, 2010

Bodysuits, Latex etc... Part 1

The etc... being above-the-knee boots, corsets, chains, bondage and hoods.  The leading ladies of pop are exposing their inner vixen, repeatedly.  Christina's, er, Xtina's new video "Not Myself Tonight" is the latest fabrication of the trend.


The corset, in all it's forms, has been around for quite some time and historically had negative connotations for the female: restriction, constraint, control, body molding. Victorian women hated it but it was improper to not wear one. Thank gawd, corsets are no longer being made to squeeze the ribs permanently into a tiny waist and mutilate the body but instead, with the helping hand of couturiers [inspired by fetish costumes] and pop divas who love designer wombats, corsets have evolved into a sexy & fierce must-have item...

Rhianna and Lady Gaga brought the strange and unconventional to main stream in music, it's almost pedestrian now for a celebrity, but it might be some time before we see these worn by women on their way to work.

Various casual styles of corsets can be found on the pages of a magazine, including the newest Elle UK cover with Demi Moore looking fabulous.

We can't forget Victoria Beckhams' awesome corset worn promoting the Spice Girls Tour. I had to throw it in here, it's my personal favorite. I would wear it... but not to work.

Fergies heavy metal corset for the Viva Glam campaign and Madonna's re-Disco Days in lavender, the two extremes. 

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