Saturday, April 24, 2010

Moving Mayhem

Nope, not at all actually. I have been packing for the last three weeks and have two more weeks to finish. I gave myself more than enough time to get organized and packed. This is very different from my college years when random items were thrown haphazardly into a large duffel-like bag and tossed onto the back seat of my friends car.

This time around I picked up boxes in three sizes, all relatively small and easy to carry, since most of my possessions are books and fabrics and clothes - all heavy. As I packed each box, on an excel spreadsheet I wrote down what it's contents were; gave it a number and wrote the corresponding digit on the box.

This is going to make my life so much easier when unpacking. I can pick and choose which box to place in what room, but also which box to unpack when. My winter coats and sketchbooks can hang out in their box for a few, my binders and millinery tools can not.

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