Thursday, January 28, 2010

Comfy Shoes

Here is an idea that I want to share, because it's that good! Throw a Shoe-Stretching-Party! As soon as all my bridesmaids and I purchase the shoes for the wedding day, we are going to throw ourselves a few. Wearing new, tight shoes for the first time will result in discomfort, pain, and maybe even ... blisters! Hosting a few of these parties will ensure that the shoes are doing their job of accessorizing the perfect dress.

Here's what to do. Grab some of your favorite movies or music, light finger snacks, and some bubbly to celebrate the new purchase. Put the shoes on; the short walks to the kitchen and bathroom and the dancing will help to get the shoes stretched, but just wearing them during a movie can do the trick as well.

Do not wear outside! You want to break the shoes in, not ruin them. Of course, this idea is not reserved for the wedding party, any pair of shoes is a reason to celebrate with your friends. Enjoy!

Friday, January 8, 2010

I am not licking all those envelopes!

Until self-sealing envelopes are the inexpensive standard we have to stick to the good ol' dry glue envelope. Just discovered a great new way to moisten the glue strip without getting water all over the desk. Polar fleece! It works very well, it holds the water, so no dripping and glides smoothly unlike paper towels. Highly reccomend it! and before you go and cut up your old fleece sweatshirts or scarves, message me, I will send you a swatch. :)