Wednesday, August 24, 2011


My west coast trip turned out to be quite educational, adventurous and fruitful. I have an arsenal of photographs of different textures and I will post most of them.  These two photos are of the beautiful flora found in the parks of San Francisco. The pink flower is just like a pom-pom... giant bubble gum pom-poms on winter hats?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Stark white hallway with a bit of green. 
A pic for some wintery inspiration.

Trapper Head Case

The Eastern Block has appeared on my trend radar in the form of the super warm Trapper Hat. Years ago, I designed a few variations for, er, someone and were a success.  I love these hats because they are super warm and practical... and now better looking than ever. Go ahead... indulge:

This Jean Paul Gaultier number will have heads turning, the color is so rich; the the whole hat is just irresistible and looks like it would be fun to wear.

Striped Out of Control!

Black and white stripes, undeniably amazing! And this month they are an obsession of mine, I have bought several different versions of fabric and have about 12782468713 ideas on what to do with it all... getting to work, NOW! Here's a peek at my mood board...

Monday, August 1, 2011

Cotton Daisy

Make this: visit my page on Burda and check out the step by step instructions. Have fun and show me what you did!!!

That 70's Show of Class

When we think of the 1970's, Joan Collins usually is not the first person that pops into our minds; she is the one we regard as the epitome of 80's glamour and opulence.  The hats she wore as Alexis in Dynasty still invoke envy for many, but I digress... sort of. Only Joan Collins could take an applejack hat; the signature head-wear of impoverished newspaper boys, and turn it into fashion perfection of the 1970's. 

Haute Couture

Using the word couture loosely really pisses me off.  It really does.  There seems to be a disregard for the meaning of Haute Couture in modern fashion. 

Literal translation from french is "high dress making", so anything made in China and sold on the mass market is or should be, obviously, not labeled as couture. 

A little history:
Originally the term described the work of an Englishman, Charles Frederick Worth, who created and produced in Paris mid-nineteenth century.  Today, one has to be a member of Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture in order to apply the term to ones garments.  There are incredibly well defined rules of what it means to create a couture piece and only a few fashion houses in the world can do so.

Gowns by Charles Frederick Worth:

  To learn more about Charles Frederick Worth and see more photos of his beautiful couture dresses visit The Met Museum Website.

Lord of the Butterflies

Remember this Alexander McQueen hat? Of course you do. I can't get it out of my head, honestly! So much so that I have been searching for the perfect butterflies to call my own. I have a grand plan for the little beauties...

To Quote An Icon...

California Coast Bound

In a few short days I will escape the concrete heat of the NYC jungle and immerse myself in the Napa Valley beauty.  So what hat does one wear to the vineyard?  Not surprisingly, there is no rule about that, and when doing a quick bit of research, there is actually no trend either. Whatever works... so again, what hat does one bring to Napa?

The sunny, warm, Meditereanean like climate calls for a classic-shape, straw sun hat of good quality. I dug into my collection of hats and found the perfect one!  A dark brown, short brimmed sun hat.

One down, will keep looking for more...

The Cloche

Part Deux

This is a hat made from my own pattern.  Stupidly however I decided to sew it in an orange cotton sateen fabric, making the hat look like a children's rain hat. It's still ok, but the production version will be made from other fabrics, which are much more appropriate to the design.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Royal Heads

In case you missed it, here is a good picture summary of the hats and outfits from the Royal Wedding.  Did not read the article yet, but I live for photos, so it's my type of an article. I do have to post this photo of Victoria Beckham: the dress is great on her; will look like a choppy mu-mu on the rest of the population though. The hat is getting all the attention in this outfit, which I love... and the shoes; ode to Ginger Spice circa 90's [the heel is not nearly as chunky BUT the platform, so Spice World!]

Extra! Extra!

Straight out of BUST Magazine: DYI nail newsprint nail polish. Will try tomorrow, stay tuned for results.

Friday, April 22, 2011


A bandeau is a narrow headpiece, worn around the crown or at the forehead. Popularized by the hippie culture in the 70's and resurrected by today's Hollywood starlets. The bandeau has to be placed correctly across the front so that it complements the face and secured with a few pins for a perfect stay-in-place look.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

House in a Box

Titled as the latest in domestic zombie protection on this house is so much more! I'm thinking long vacations away from home without worries, hurricane and crazy weather proof and a hell of a conversation piece.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Best Strawberry and Sugar Cookies!

Sharing a great new find with you all, this is a great cookie, use less sugar and more strawberries if you're watching your waist. Yum!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Feather Earrings

As promised, here's more colors of the feather earrings!  If you'd like to purchase a pair, they're available for $15!

Electric Blue! 

Deep Purple!

The Hot Pink and Snow White Feather Earrings or the Bright Red Feather Earrings you saw me wearing at the wedding this passed weekend will also soon be up for sale!

Feather Earrings

I recently became obsessed with a new color, blood-orange, it's a vibrant beautiful hue and I started to buy all things orange... including some incredibly colored feathers.  I turned them into cocktail hats, hat trims and these fabulous earrings - such a simple concept!!! 

If you would like to purchase a pair, please email me:

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Turn of the century [not this recent one] gears. Much respect to who ever crafted these!


I rarely leave my house sans camera anymore, I have a habit of finding inspiration in everything, even the odd everyday things we walk by on our way home.  Here is another dose of a few oddities I found galvanizing.  This lovely plant has great texture and even prettier color. Fuzzy spring?

Feathers and Flowers

Quick photo of a red feather and flower bridesmaid hair-piece I created for my own wedding. I love this photo, had to share!

To Quote A Hatter...

Anyone can go by horse or rail, but the absolute best way to travel is by hat.

- The Mad Hatter [from Tim Burton's "Alice In Wonderland"]

Monday, February 28, 2011

The Cloche

This simple yet effective shape was dominant in the 1920's but originated in the early 1900's.  Caroline Reboux, a prominent french milliner, is credited for developing the beautiful and flattering cloche. This winter, it was back with a vengeance as the prime hat for the season and was available anywhere and everywhere; on 5th Avenue, local malls and even discount strip-mall stores.

Ok! One More For The Soul!

I saw this beautiful palm at the Coral Castle in Miami. Fell in love with the way the colors played off of each other.  

The Hat Of Holmes!

Ahh, the hat that is synonymous with Sherlock Holmes, even though Sir Arthur Conan Doyle never described the character to be wearing one... perhaps that's why in his latest incarnation, wonderfully portrayed by Robert Downy Jr, he [Sherlock] is wearing the bowler, since a rural hat on London streets would be a major fashion offence, but I digress... 

The hat I have in mind is the 'Deerstalker' so called due to the fact that it was mostly worn by British gentlemen during outdoor activities such as hunting or ... deer stalking.

The brilliance of this hat is in it's unique signature design, the front and rear bill served to protect the face and neck, respectively, from sunburn, while the ear flaps tied up when not needed and tied down to protect from the cold. Checkered and twill patterns served as camouflage.

Back to the fashion savvy Holmes, indeed he would wear the Deerstalker hat, but in appropriate settings such as the country side or the woods or during a hunting outing. Never in the middle of London. The cartoon screen shot below is misleading, toon Holmes is committing major fashion faux pas but wearing that outfit on Baker Street.

At first glance the promo photograph below seems well styled, but no indeed, Holmes looks like he is going hunting and the fact that he is holding a magnifying glass makes him look ridiculous. The lady in the center and Watson are a bit mismatched as well but that is a whole other discussion... Let's stick to hats!