Sunday, June 20, 2010

Rolling Pizza Stones

Had this discussion with a friend the other night; how do you clean a pizza stone? Apparently it's easy to ruin one by washing it with soap. The stone I own, did not come with cleaning instructions, so I did some research [as mine is still on the counter top with day old crust and cheese stuck to it] and this is what I found unanimous and universal for cleaning it:

- Use a kitchen scraper to get rid of the stuck on pieces.
- Wipe with a damp [water only] sponge or cloth.
- Submerge in warm, clean water, again - no soap! Soak for 20 minutes to completely saturate the porous ceramic surface.
- Air dry overnight.

So know we all know.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Get Your Spice Girls!

As far as food is concerned there is nothing worse than a bland dinner at the end of a long day, but  cooking while tired [and hungry] can be just as thrilling, the remedy: stocking up on spice-mixes to quickly flavor your meals, you can pick them up at any supermarket. My fave: Jamaican Curry Mix, Masala Mix, Wasabi Powder and Steak Seasoning. Throwing together a few ingredients of your choice and seasoning the hell out of it with the mixes results in a quick, scrumptious meal. So for those days when you want to eat well at home and skip the takeout menu try some quick stir-fry recipes:

Combine chopped veggies and boiled noodles in a wok, on medium heat.  Add a generous mix of seasoning, mix well and serve.

I use frozen pre-chopped veggies [zero prep work] and wheat pasta noodles, I boil those while I'm setting the table. Fastest meal I cooked took 5 minutes!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Healthy Lunch That Satisfies the Naughty Side

There is too much bread and carbs in our lives, because they taste soooo good, but they are soooo bad in large quantities. Today I altered a basic recipe into a healthier one. So... My Cheese Tortellini & Broccoli Alfredo. Serves two.
1 serving of cheese tortellini
2 cups of fresh broccoli
1/2 serving of alfredo sauce
pinch or two of sea salt

Follow the serving size portions on your packaging

Boil the tortellini as usual, chop the broccoli into quarter coin size and steam for 2 minutes. Heat the sauce on low for 2 minutes in a wide pan, combine all ingredients in the pan used to heat up the sauce, stir for another minute until everything is evenly coated, add sea salt and serve.

The split between the servings makes all the difference in the amount of calories and carbs your take in while satisfying that craving for all things fattening. The tortellini and broccoli are just slightly coated with the sauce but still have that same great taste.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Magic Carpet

I sit among giant white binders of magazine clippings of "things I like"... yes, yes, I did organize them by industry, so handbags, hats, shoes, recipes, blah.. blah... blah.. the ones that interest me today are the ones labeled INTERIOR DESIGN. I am looking for that something, that umph, that magical pièce de résistance that will transform the living room into an amazing space and become the conversation piece in itself. 

.......................... and budget pending, I think I've got it! Federica Tondato! Her rugs are alive with motion and kinetic energy of the elements, a third dimension on a two dimensional surface. Brilliant! I really want one.