Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fan Has A Language Of It's Own!

In the Victorian Era women had few rights and few freedoms, so in order to convey even a simple idea the ladies had to get creative, one of those methods was communication using the fan. Here are a few translations compiled by the Liberty Hall Museum in Union, NJ

I desire your acquaintance - Carry the fan in left hand in front of the face
Follow me - Carry the fan in right hand in front of the face
I wish to speak to you - Close fan
Wait for me - Open fan wide
You are too willing - Carry fan in right hand
Kiss me - Hold handle to lips
We are watched - Twirl fan in left hand
I love another - Twirl fan in the right hand
I love you - Draw fan across the cheek
You have changed - Draw fan across forehead 
I am sorry - Draw fan across the eyes
I hate you - Draw the fan through the hand
Do you love me - Present the fan closed
Yes - Rest fan on the right cheek
No - Rest the fan on the left cheek
I wish to get rid of you - Place fan on left ear
You are cruel - Open and shut fan several times
I am engaged - Fan very quickly
I am married - Fan slowly
We will be friends - Drop the fan

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Go-to Brush

Hair brushes have been around for some 30,000 years and there is probably just as much to choose from.  Writer Buffy Childerhose asked hairstylist Jake Surette for his top choices and here are the answers:

Round Brush:
Use this brush for long, straight hair. "Most hair types can benefit from this brush, but it's best for those with a few waves" says Surette
This brush can add volume where needed, but do not use on wet hair because it tends to get stuck.

Paddle Brush:
The perfect bruch for a silky, smooth and classic look.

Cushion Brush:
Top pick for detangling or getting a full look and lustrous hair. "The bristles on a cushion brush can also move your hair's natural oil around, boosting and limiting static."

Top two bristles are boar and nylon, "Boar bristles help rid your hair of dirt and debris and are flexible and gentle enough to use on childrens hair. They stimulate the scalp, which helps hair healthy. That said, the bristles balk at coarse unruly hair. Nylon bristles are often sturdy - ideal for thicker hair."

Definitely take time to research and invest in your hairbrushes, healthy hair always looks beautiful and worth the investment.

Old Fashioned Manhattan

Here's to a good ol' classic!

1.5oz blended whiskey
1.5oz sweet vermouth
maraschino cherry

Mix whiskey and vermouth with cracked ice in a shaker, pour into a chilled glass, garnish with maraschino cherry.

Tequila Comfort

Strong yet summery drink! Don't have a clue where I found this one, but it's a fun drink for an outdoor summer lunch.

1.5oz tequila
1.5oz Southern Comfort
3oz orange juice

Mix all ingredients with cracked ice, strain and pour into a whiskey sour glass.


This one is so simple... who knew tequila ant tonic!!!

1.5 oz tequila
tonic water

Fill highball glass with ice, pour tequila then fill with tonic, garnish with lemon wedges.


I love this one, reminds me of summer!

2tblsp of pink powder lemonade
shot of vodka
club soda

Mix ice, vodka & powder lemonade, strain and pour, then fill with club soda. Garnish the rim with powdered lemonade or crushed candy.

Tequila Ghost

This one sounds interesting, never had, but I'm posting it here for a later reference... you know, just in case!  ;)

1.5oz white tequila
3/4oz Pernod
1/2oz lemon juice

Mix all ingredients in a shaker with cracked ice, strain and pour.

Cosmo Pimp

Yum, yum...

1.5oz vodka infused with oranges, lemons & limes
club soda
.5oz pineapple juice

Mix vodka and pineapple juice with cracked ice, strain, pour into a cocktail glass, fill with club soda, garnish with lemon, lime and orange wedge. Garnish the rim with lemonade powder.


I've collected some interesting recipes for drinks over the years, this one is a fun that seems to only taste good in winter... but maybe that's just me.  Either way, here it is:

The B-52

1oz Grand Marnier
3/4oz Kahlua
1/2oz Baileys Irish Cream

Mix all ingredients with cracked ice, strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Serve.