Friday, February 5, 2010

Nail Fashion!

Over the last few years I have become more and more obsessed with nail polish, the more unique the color, the better. I dare not say how many bottles of the colorful flammable joy I own. But single color will no longer do. I want more! Japanese Fashion to the rescue. In the last few issues of Vivi, the models and Japanese celebrities have the craziest nails; very colorful with jewels, lace and glitter. You have seen them on Lady Gaga and Fergie. So! How to Make? ;)

Follow these steps for the basic method.

Step One: Clean off whatever nail polish you have on the nail.

Step Two: Use a clear coat of nail polish as base for your color. Later on it will be easier to remove the color, especially dark saturated polishes. I like to use Sally Hansen's Insta-Dry... because it dries, er, instantly.

Step Three: Apply one coat of desired color. Here I will be using Sally Hansen's Insta-Dry "Night Flight" it's black.

Step Four: You will need your gems, jewels and sparkly things here. Make sure they have a flat surface, otherwise they will fall off. Apply the gems while the polish is still wet, use tweezers for better accuracy. If the polish dries up before you place the gems, dab a little of the clear coat as adhesive.

Step Five: Using nail art polishes like SH's Nail Art Pen or Milani's Nail Art Brush draw in detail around your gems.

Step Six: Wait till dry and top off with the clear top coat.

Step Seven: Have FUN! :D

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