Thursday, January 20, 2011

Go-to Brush

Hair brushes have been around for some 30,000 years and there is probably just as much to choose from.  Writer Buffy Childerhose asked hairstylist Jake Surette for his top choices and here are the answers:

Round Brush:
Use this brush for long, straight hair. "Most hair types can benefit from this brush, but it's best for those with a few waves" says Surette
This brush can add volume where needed, but do not use on wet hair because it tends to get stuck.

Paddle Brush:
The perfect bruch for a silky, smooth and classic look.

Cushion Brush:
Top pick for detangling or getting a full look and lustrous hair. "The bristles on a cushion brush can also move your hair's natural oil around, boosting and limiting static."

Top two bristles are boar and nylon, "Boar bristles help rid your hair of dirt and debris and are flexible and gentle enough to use on childrens hair. They stimulate the scalp, which helps hair healthy. That said, the bristles balk at coarse unruly hair. Nylon bristles are often sturdy - ideal for thicker hair."

Definitely take time to research and invest in your hairbrushes, healthy hair always looks beautiful and worth the investment.

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