Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fan Has A Language Of It's Own!

In the Victorian Era women had few rights and few freedoms, so in order to convey even a simple idea the ladies had to get creative, one of those methods was communication using the fan. Here are a few translations compiled by the Liberty Hall Museum in Union, NJ

I desire your acquaintance - Carry the fan in left hand in front of the face
Follow me - Carry the fan in right hand in front of the face
I wish to speak to you - Close fan
Wait for me - Open fan wide
You are too willing - Carry fan in right hand
Kiss me - Hold handle to lips
We are watched - Twirl fan in left hand
I love another - Twirl fan in the right hand
I love you - Draw fan across the cheek
You have changed - Draw fan across forehead 
I am sorry - Draw fan across the eyes
I hate you - Draw the fan through the hand
Do you love me - Present the fan closed
Yes - Rest fan on the right cheek
No - Rest the fan on the left cheek
I wish to get rid of you - Place fan on left ear
You are cruel - Open and shut fan several times
I am engaged - Fan very quickly
I am married - Fan slowly
We will be friends - Drop the fan

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